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fox jaw

Fox Jaw – Falling Debris

Topical music for the re-possessed.

Shane Serrano writes:

“A video for Irish band Fox Jaw…It’s a political satire music video… critiquing The Economy, The Church, The Banks… and even Garth Brooks! It’s been getting retweets from the likes of Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan and even Ash’s Tim Wheeler….”

Fox Jaw (Facebook)

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9 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. bozo

    Honestly lads where do you find some of this stuff? Like a bad version of the Stunning with just the worst video.

  2. Frenchfarmer

    Unfortunately the final mix has the age old problem of buried vocals.
    Everyone involved knows the song so well that they don’t realise that someone who has never heard it before finds it hard to hear the actual lyrics.
    It is a tiny difference in volume but an important one.
    I haven’t been a farmer all my life; I just needed to get out of the business before it killed me.

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