Anything Good In The Irish News?



Bishop of Down and Connor Noel Treanor has defended spending an estimated seven-figure sum on refurbishing his residence at a time when the Pope is promoting a simpler life for Church leaders. Dr Treanor is to move back into the luxurious 15,000 sq ft Lisbreen House next month after two years of building work on the property.

The Irish News has learned:

  • Stormont provided more than £300,000 of taxpayers’ money for the refurbishment
  • other funds came from two private benefactors

Dr Treanor said the work was done for “future generations” and was a “contribution to the economy in a difficult time” however Dr Treanor was unable to provide a total cost for the building project

“It’s my job for whatever number of years I am spared, if I’m spared for another 12 or 13 years to maintain two things – the quest for faith and at the same time to keep the fabric of the diocese, you could call it, the parishes up to scratch.”

However, a victims campaigner has criticised the extravagance of the renovations saying the amount spent on it was a “disgrace”.

Bishop defends massive spend on upgrading his luxury 15,000 sq ft house (Suzanne McGonagle, Irish News)
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15 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Irish News?

  1. Odis

    I suppose it depends on whether its a public building or something of national importance. I wouldn’t expect say Michael Dee to have to shell out for the Áras. Maybe it needed a good refurb.
    Lars Biscuit, you are going to have to provide more detail before I can walk down the “Bishop of Bling” road with you

  2. ABM

    Being a bishop is a mentally demanding job. Comforts and priviliges serve to remind bishops of their duty, as well as help oil their decision-making.

    Anyway, the building was long overdue some remedial works. Money well spent.

      1. will-billy

        aye well to be fair he had 12 lads to fetch for him at all times, lassies including ex hookers to wash his “feet” and even a quare lad who helped out whenever he had to carry stuff himself (allegedly)

    1. realPolithicks

      I’m sure he has plenty of lads like yourself ABM washing his balls, so he’s probably not that mentally taxed at all.

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