Heuston, We Have No Problems



I Heart the Monster Hero – Toni Bailey.

Andy Walsh writes:

“Shot while playing a set in the concourse of Heuston station [Dublin] as part of the HWCH in the city for the Forbidden Fruit festival this summer. It was pretty fun to play in the station, suffice to say the reactions captured in the video are real…”

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4 thoughts on “Heuston, We Have No Problems

  1. the good helen

    i’ve watched and not really impressed being honest. Plus there are no reactions from the crowd, it really doesn’t have much feeling to it at all.

  2. Joe Malone

    A welcome change for all the boring moaney hipster nonsense that seems to be the norm these days, Hozier is a fine example of boring moaney hipster nonsense.

    This is upbeat and enjoyable and a jumpy around quality that has been sorely missing recently. Fair Play.

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