Jessica writes:

“Saw this badly parked car, with no disability tag, parked in a disabled space outside Avoca in Kilmacanogue [Co Wicklow]. Note the ‘Protect Life’ sticker on the window. Interesting to see pro lifers don’t extend their over righteous sense of empathy to the disabled…”

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29 thoughts on “Pro My Life

  1. Sam

    Ah, the Ford Ka, that giant beast of a vehicle which is almost impossible to park in small spaces —- oh wait. I have one of those actually, and they are ridiculously easy to park. That’s a rather new looking one too. Unless that driver just got it and left the disabled sticker in their old car, there’s no excuse for this.
    I think as fair punishment, they should be forced to swap this nice new Ford Ka, for mine. It’s the same colour, just has a hell of a lot more miles on the clock… and a lot less shine on the body… they’ll have to supply their own pro-lifer sticker though, unless they can remove and reuse the one currently in it ;)

  2. Red

    Weird, I saw another car with one of those stickers parked across an entire car park entrance last week, blocking everyone in. Must be some club we’re not aware of…

    1. well

      Sure disabled parking spaces are just foisted on us by the same government that recently pretended to legalize abortion for suicidal rape victims.

      These people are are conducting guerilla ignorance as a way to fight back.

  3. John

    pro lifers only car about pre life, once there born feck them in an institution so priests can have their way with them for all they care

  4. I, Diddley

    I recall that Pro-Choice heavyweight and champion of De Wurkers Clare Daly arranged for “free” parking for her buddie’s BMW X5 at Dublin Airport, no doubt in the cause of the socialist revolution.

    I therefore submit that she is completely wrong in everything she believes in, and that life is sacred from the moment the fella sticks his willy in, even a little bit.

    BTW John, I bet you have serious personal hygiene issues.

  5. Ghupta Buum

    “Interesting to see pro lifers don’t extend their over righteous sense of empathy to the disabled”

    In fairness neither do pro choice people now do they!

    1. Steph

      I’m pro-choice and I work with people with disabilities to improve their quality of life.

      But don’t let a good generalisation slide just because of facts.

      1. I, Diddley

        I’m genuinely curious. Would you tell those disabled people that you supported the option of abortion of people like them because of their disabilities if the parents so chose.

        1. Steph

          I don’t support the abortion of people. I support the abortion or gestation of insentient foetuses according to the choice of the woman carrying said foetus for whatever her very private reasons.

          It’s no secret that I’m pro-choice. Most of the people with disabilities that I work with are pro-choice too. I also support their choice to an abortion if they want one.

          Mad how whenever anti-choice people scream about the choices of children or people with disabilities that they ignore the hard fact that children and people with disabilities can also get pregnant and occasionally need an abortion. Indeed for many people with disabilities pregnancy carries a much greater risk to their life and health than for an able bodied person.

          By the way I politely await your retraction of your unfounded generalisation.

          1. I, Diddley

            I ever so politely decline. You ducked the question. Could you look a person with, say, spina bifida in the eye and tell them that under a liberal abortion regime their right to be born and live their life to its fullest is less than that of a fully abled person. Please don’t hide behind the sentience argument or we’ll have to discuss the right to life of my gibbering grandad.

            I dont doubt the sincerity of your views, I just dont believe most Pro Choice supporters would be capable of confronting the logical consequences that follow from them.

          2. Steph

            I didn’t duck the question. I answered it quite clearly, it just wasn’t the answer you wanted. That’s what happens when you pose a question in the form of a strawman.

            Your reiteration of the question in this comment is also a strawman. You ask if I would tell my patients and friends if their “right to be born” is less than that of an able bodied person. There is no “right to be born” or any man who masturbated would be guilty of crimes against humanity.

            However I wonder if you would tell them that, because a constitutional right to travel is meaningless when you can’t travel because your body can’t do it, they have to carry a pregnancy they don’t want?

            Have you ever sat a pregnant woman in crisis down and told her what to do? Would you? Would you be the locks the cell you’d have to keep her in to stop her getting an abortion?

            I’m perfectly happy to discuss the right to life of your “gibbering grandad” who does not require the body of another to live. Now if he needed a liver transplant I think you’ll find you’d be allowed to decide whether or not to give him a piece of your liver. A woman in Ireland on the other hand has no choice over who she gives her womb to or when.

            I’ll continue to await your retraction of your generalisation. However since you seem to think the mere fact that I’m pro-choice negates any and all help I’ve ever given someone with a disability both in paid and volunteer work, I shan’t be holding my breath.

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