16 thoughts on “Target: Dublinski

  1. Shane H

    As well as Trinity the old Houses of Parliament/Bank of Ireland College Green and the Four Courts are in pink, so possibly places of historical interest? Although obviously there are many more such places in Dublin, so not clear what these three buildings have in common.

  2. Sycamoreal

    They’re going to remove the intelligentsia first. Trinners, the four courts and the rcsi.
    You could hide in Leinster House, that’s just brown like the rest of the houses.

    1. The Old Boy

      Dublin dis have an extensive tram network in the first half of the twentieth century. The lines were ripped up in the name of progress.

  3. Narkie

    I have this map at home somewhere – enormous 2 metre long version. I’ll check the key again when I get home from this awful, awful day at work.

    As far as I remember there were two colours used – one to mark strategically useful areas in case of a military invasion (seriously). I don’t remember the other (maybe historical/cultural)

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