Meanwhile, At The Academy



Nialler9 writes:

Anyone who browses gig listings like I do every week, may have noticed that The Academy venue on Middle Abbey Street in Dublin has not hosted an event for a while.

I presumed it was due to a planned break, but today, it was announced that the venue has been renovated into a “contemporary performance space that draws influence from the Victorian music hall style,” and the refurbishments include new lighting and upgraded sound system.

Dublin’s The Academy venue is being refurbished and reopening under new management (Nialler9)

Pic: Dublinrocks

10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Academy

  1. Mister Mister

    I hope they don’t mess it up, some of the best gigs I’ve been to have been in the downstairs venue there, it’s an awesome place to see a great band.

  2. Mani

    In line with the Victorian theme, most of the waitresses will suffer from tuberculosis, small children will be employed to clean the chimney’s before succumbing to smallpox and the ice will be imported from Boston. It will be closed down in 6 months when it transpires that the lead paint used to decorate the venue has led to the death of several regular patrons of the establishment.

    1. Mister Mister

      Pre closure, the Academy was one such place. It may not have got the appropriate bands, but it was a great place for them.

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