People To See Before You Die



Hello you.

Heather Ni Thomais writes:

“These guys are trying to visit every country in the world before they’re 30 and have had a rather safe and fun time so far…except for this [in Buenos Aires, Argentina]! Fun fact: Global Degree is partly sponsored by Dublin’s own Woo!”


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24 thoughts on “People To See Before You Die

    1. scottser

      worst experience i had in south america was being taken off a bus in salvador brazil by cops, gun pointed at me head while being frisked down in front of machine gun laden troopers. they had a spate of bus robberies that summer – 04, and if you were found with a weapon while on a bus your were very heavily, and quite thoroughly screwed. nary a hassle from any of the ordinary folk – quite the opposite in fact.

  1. Rob

    My bro got held up at gunpoint while backpacking in South America. He didn’t hold onto his bag, but he did ask for, and get, his passport back.

  2. phil

    Was that some sort of of Mental Martial Art?
    Will you not get shot by a criminal, if said criminal thinks you dont understand why a gun is being pointed at you?

    fair play

  3. Yorge

    As a native argentine I can tell you that they’re cycling where they shouldn’t. As in, there are places and places to go, and that was a bad choice. It always shocked us when tourists wanted to visit the fabelas or shanty towns so as to “experience” it. I know of only two reasons to “explore” them places: either you live there or are in desperate need of some dope. In either case, you’ve already made peace with god.
    As for the above comments on how SA is a jungle, you muppets have no idea what you’re talking about. But I don’t think I wanna waste my time on ye clowns.

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