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Remember the heatwave?

Lonán Collins (top) wore a GoPro on his head (when not carrying it on a selfie stick) for the duration of  Summer 2014.

He writes:

I’m a second year student in UCD. As I’m sure you’re aware, last summer was a blinder and I used my newly acquired GoPro to record just some of the things I got up to. I’ve just edited the footage.

Filmed mostly in Kerry, you can see the Skelligs as well as several beaches around South Kerry, there is some filmed from inside and on top of a wind turbine, and there is also a bit shot in UCD.

Mainly I’m just chuffed with the result. if nothing else it, serves as a reminder how great a summer we had last year…I’d advise watching it in the highest quality setting,

Get him.

Music: ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars


Of this RC car/GoPro experiment in cute-baiting, Australian photographer/adventurer Chris Bray sez:

While running one of our five 2-week photo safaris to Kenya in 2014, we attached a GoPro camera to a remote control car and drove it up to a lioness with cubs, stopping at a distance where they still showed no interest, and then jiggled the car around just enough to invoke the cubs curiosity. Two of the three cubs then came over and investigated it for 20min, before growing bored and tired and falling asleep back with mum.