Nama chief executive Brendan McDonagh and chairman Frank Daly at the launch of NAMA annual report 2013 in May

Donal O’Donovan, of the Irish Independent, reports:

NAMA is to invest up to €1.8bn to provide high end office space in the Dublin docklands area, the agency’s chief executive Brendan McDonagh said at an event in Dublin.

Infrastructure required by “cash strapped local authorities” and Irish Water is also being paid for by the agency, he said.

In order to plan housing investment the agency, along with the IBF, paid for the ESRI to undertake “serious research” that has established real demand out to 2030, he said.

NAMA to invest up to €1.8bn in office space at Dublin Docklands (

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6 thoughts on “Seems Legit

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Irish Water…. wtf! ….me being just some simple Joe, anyone know why Irish Water would be getting money, I mean is this not filling Denis’ pockets? Didn’t he win a contract to do a job, if he’s not up to the job, why’d he get it, etc…. I’m lost completely…..

    1. Odis

      I suppose it keeps it off the books.
      Wouldn’t do to have the plebs thinking the Commissioner Phil is a worse tosser than we already think he is.
      To promote confidence in good government? Something like that?

  2. Disasta

    Ye gonna build up or ye still gonna buck the 70 year trend like a bunch of planning retarded imbeciles and keep building high cost low volume 10 story horrid buildings?

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