The Helmets Of Hate



Gott im fuppin Himmel!

Louis Le Fronde writes:

“This is the IRISH army in the 1930s, wearing German-style helmets. Subsequent British anti-Irish propaganda focusing on the helmets was a bit unfair as they were in fact supplied by the firm of Vickers & Co in London who had been given custody of a German helmet press captured by the British.

“The Germans still retained a number of other helmet presses, but were banned from manufacturing helmets under the terms of the Versailles Treaty. When the Irish army changed its headgear, the Vickers’ helmets were buried in landfill sites. As far as I know, Irish army helmets are now manufactured in Israel.”




The badge on those helmets.

‘FF’ anyone?

Pics: WarRelics (top) and Auctivia (above)

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18 thoughts on “The Helmets Of Hate

  1. Contra

    Nice to see a colour photo of Irish soldiers wearing that uniform; it seems it’s rare to find one. The ‘badge on those helmets’ is still used by the Irish Defence Forces today…

  2. scottser

    ah, the ‘one-size-fits-all’ helmet. lends itself to some rakish and jaunty angles among that lot. in fact the poor lad three rows back on the right looks like he could stagger off the road at any second..

  3. BlessingtonBootBoy

    The helmets that replaced them were akin to the British helmet of WW2 and uncomfortable as hell. Woe betide you if you were last man out on FCA manoeuvres and had to pick up and bring back the discarded helmets. Separately, I’m pretty sure Israel is a major supplier of ammo to the PDF (hides behind sofa).

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