The Wailing Wall



Buzz writes:

“They’re coming after us AGAIN! Having already priced East Wall [Dublin 3] out of existence, everyone in neg equity…”





Amendment to Price Register analysis (

Thanks Alex French

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8 thoughts on “The Wailing Wall

  1. Mr. T.

    Glad I sold my house at the peak of the boom, put cash in high interest account, then bought again two years ago.

    Oh hang on, that was the dream I had last night.

    That and Amy Adams.

  2. Drogg

    I get at least two of these photocopied handwritten letters in my door a week, I am seriously thinking of writing back and saying “Dear Real Estate C**t i am currently very happy where i reside and am currently hoping people like you won’t send property prices in my area through the roof and in doing so pushing up my property tax. If you continue to do this i will actively have to drive house prices down by spraying graffiti on peoples walls, s**ting on peoples doorsteps and occasionally setting their bins on fire. sincerely yours, The Drogg.”

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