What Would James Do?



Last night.

Irish supporters of a yes vote for an independent Scotland in tomorrow’s referendum at the statue of Edinburgh-born James Connolly outside Liberty Hall, Dublin.


“Who are you my friend? Who are you Scotland?
Are you A Brit or a Scot?
Can we move on from dated notions of Patriotism.
We are one Human race, so Look beyond my Face.
I am with you in Scotland, with your Natural Gas and Single Malt.
I am with you in Scotland with your deep fried Mars Bars and Irn-Bru
I am with you in Scotland, stand up and look at you.
I am with you in Scotland, this is no joke?
Let’s Burn the Empire, make it go down in smoke.
You’re a proud people, with a strong history.
So just think of what WIlliam Wallace or Robbie Burns would say.
I met a band in Armenia, they’re called the Bambir.
They make music to Rumi and Robbie Burns, two poets they love so well.
They also love Blake, who wrote Heaven and Hell.
Think of this Scotland, a rock band in Armenia play music to the words from your Man.
They toured around Ireland, I helped with my van.
They are an amazing people and they love the Celts.
In ancient Armenia they have Celtic Crosses too.
They love Scotland and Ireland now what will we do?
We are all distant cousins, if you go back far enough.
So forget about Cameron, no more of his GUFF.
I am with you in Scotland; who the feck are YE?
I am with you in Scotland; now what to do.
I am with you in Scotland, stand and fight,
Let’s build a Socialist Europe, WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!
I am with you in Scotland, from Iona to the Edinburgh Streets,
I am with you in Scotland, let’s move to the funky beat!
I am with you in Scotland, time to be free,
I am with you in Scotland, we share a common ancestry!
I am with you in scotland, last words to James Connolly.
Who was executed under the orders of Kind George, Easter 1916.
“Why should I murder a German worker for a British King, when I have more in common with my German Comrade…”
A Marxist from Glasgow, that’s not all that he said,
‘The Great only seem Great as we are on our knees, Rise Up’.
‘Sure that’s mad Mad Ted’.
(Needs a polish, and a nice heavy bass).”

By Rip Tides


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14 thoughts on “What Would James Do?

  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Et tu, Bill. I see Bill Clinton has come out for a No vote. The establishment is calling in all the favours they can.

  2. Mister Mister

    All 11 of them.

    One has to assume they asked a passer by to take the photo lest they make the crowd look even smaller.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Don’t these lines in the song contradict the rest of it in that it says an independent Scotland is a “dated notion”

    “Can we move on from dated notions of Patriotism.
    We are one Human race, so Look beyond my Face.”

    …or is it just me.

  4. Rag and bone man

    I’m all for the referendum, and indeed people meeting up to show support, but slogans like “united against the English our countries shall be free” are a bit unnecessary, no?
    All seems a bit base. Talk about the pros and cons but reducing it to ‘England – bad’ seems a bit childish.
    Genuine enquiry, not trolling…..

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I agree it’s base. I think this is aimed at the hearts of the old stalwarts who don’t have the inclination to study the debate.

  5. Flashman

    I thought Irish people weren’t supposed to ask Scots to vote one way or another.
    Hang on a minute,sorry, that’s just Bob Geldof.Because he’s rich and lives in the UK and is a traitor to Ireland
    Sorry about that.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      It is not because he is rich, or lives in the UK, or said to vote no, it is because Bob spoke utter rubbish:

      “Remember I’m Irish but it was the UK which gave me my life.”
      “Nationalism is a very dangerous political animal. I know this – I’m Irish. ”

      If Bob was born in the UK, let’s say in Derry or Belfast, rather than the liberated Dublin, I don’t think he would have the same “life”. I also reckon he would have been a nationalist, if he had been born there. His patronising of the Scots and fawning to his masters, or is that peers, disgusts me.

      1. Flashman

        I didn’t think he spoke rubbish. He was rather eloquent in why Scotland should remain part of the country where he has lived for the majorityof his life.
        Geldof is admired and revered in Britain for what he has achieved.It’s a country that celebrates achievement rather than begrudgery,small-mindedness and parochialism.

  6. Odis

    “Lets Burn the Empire, make it go down in smoke.” – Right on comrade! Lets burn down the British Empire now. Every last Fawklands of it.
    And there are some on Broadsheet who whine about John Mones.

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