17 thoughts on “A Redneck Writes

  1. scottser

    i don’t know what’s worse – that the times produces this drivel or that mr. lennon actually replied to it.

    1. Odis

      It’s pretty grim isn’t it?
      In fairness, you can’t blame the times for trying to appeal to their Broadsheet demographic.

        1. Mick Flavin

          Sure in that case, the circles in the Venn diagram of “Culchies” and “Boggers” overlap exactly. We like turf in the same passionate way Dubs like shouted conversations with a person on the other side of the road.

  2. Louis Lefronde

    He’s from West Wicklow….where men are men and sheep are scared!

    As for culchies, there used to be a saying about them in Dublin –

    ‘Never let a culchie into a phone box or he’ll invite his friends and family.

    We got rid of the phone boxes but we still have…
    (1) The Civil Service
    (2) The Banks
    (3) The Guards
    (4) RTE

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