One Afternoon On The SCR



Storyfold – The Lost and The Lonely

Pete Murphy writes:

“Here’s the charming new video from Storyfold, all filmed in one afternoon on Dublin’s South Circular Road. We started at Kilmainham Jail, past IMMA, Rialto, Dolphin’s Barn, the old John Player factory, the boxing stadium, the Dublin Mosque, three Catholic churches, Polish shops, Lithuanian shops, African shops, Griffith College, many restaurants, pharmacies, hairdressers, cafés, butchers and grocery stores. To all those people who live there, walk the road and make it what it is, thank you. We hope you like it…”

Video “put together” by Billy Keane from WRK Productions.

Storyfold (Facebook)

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12 thoughts on “One Afternoon On The SCR

  1. Mani

    I look forward to the ‘5 Minutes Being Chased Down the NCR’ companion piece.

    ‘Look how ethnically diverse the junkies are!’

  2. Brian Mathews

    This is lovely and made me smile. Thank you. Living abroad, it is great to see the mixture of all the Irish and new Irish faces and the little bit of messing going on. You’d miss that.

  3. Julomoppet

    Eh, I didn’t think I would ever see my street on a pop video. Some positive viewing about the area which, in spite of the never ending drugs issue, is a great place to live thanks to the people

  4. WOD

    D8 is a super area to live in.. Certainly some anti social issues remain, but there’s a sense its improving all the time.. Great mix of people, who’re generally not too up themselves as the D4 crowd, or the D4 wannabes in D6..

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