16 thoughts on “Éire Óg

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    It’s a great image. The only time I saw such solidarity over that bridge in my lifetime was in February 2003 and the anti-Iraq War protest of c.100,000 people; great day. Given that this was 1949; the warfare and political changes between 1916 and it must have been both exciting, tragic and head-wrecking for an Irish citizen, political or not. So if you were a lad or lass of 20 at the beginning of the 20th Century Irish Rebellion, you were 53 when you’re country finally became a Republic. Not to be compared with Scotland, obviously.

  2. zero

    Great image but we have only ever been a Republic in name, never in our actions. Look at all the tragedies that the State allowed to be carried out on its watch and in its name. A real Republic would have protected the weakest and worst off in the society. It would have helped young mothers, not consider them as fallen. It would never have allowed the Laundries to exist. It would never have had such a cosy relationship with the Catholic Church, or with any other religion. A real Republic would be entirely secular in its outlook. Today a real Republic would never have allowed falling standards in education and healthcare. It would never have allowed any political party to bankrupt the nation three times in 50 years. Sill though, it is a great picture.

  3. Inooways

    if only they knew then the abominable acts to soon be comitted by our shamelessly, gut wrenchingly proud Catholic tradition . Love my country despise those parasites who indoctrinated us

  4. mike

    So what was the event format? Speeches by Taoiseach Costello? Fireworks? Song from Sinead O’Connor and Bono? Countdown to midnight by Daithi O’Se and Miriam?

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