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Milk chocolate digestives are the nation’s favourite biccies, according to Tesco. The retailer has been looking at biscuit sales over the past five months. Digestives topped the list, with almost nine million sold in the last five weeks. Chocolate chip cookies coming second.

All the more vastly superior Hobnobs for us so.


Milk-choc digestives are nation’s favourite biscuit (

Pic: Bitterwallet

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24 thoughts on “Indigestible

    1. Rose

      Agreed. On value and taste!….my mum would dip them individually for a few seconds in orange juice and then sandwich them together with cream for desert. It’s fab!! Must have been a delicacy of the late 80s

  1. dylad

    Ginger nuts are indeed a nice biscuit especially with orange juice. Hobnobs are overrated sugary sawdust.
    However, the greatest biscuit of all was the Cadbury Caprice.

  2. John Cassidy

    Milk chocolate Oaties from Tesco are a cheap acceptable alternative to the vastly overpriced (but admittedly the best biscuit ever) Milk Chocolate HobNobs.

  3. DepthChargeEthel

    Bourbons, shortbread, plain chocolate digestives (maybe) and Fig Rolls are the best biccies not icky super sweet milk choc digestives, so yuk and so boring. What dull palated folk we are…

  4. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    A heads up lads

    Those Aldi Viennese Fingers ( purplish packet) are a daycent biccie but don’t last the whole mug’a tay.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I think we need a whole new Aldi/Lidl site for what’s actually good and sh1te from either. Starting with the wine and biccies….

  5. scottser

    no fans of the humble custard cream on here? i tells ya, if they made them covered in chocolate i’d have to change my name to fattser.

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