8 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Daniel Wright

    Give me one example of an Aslan song that sounds remotely like that song? I’ve listened to Aslan, have you? That couldn’t be further from sounding like them. Fair enough if it’s not to your taste but your entire point loses credibility with moronic comparisons like that boyos!

    1. Mani

      Listen, you like this so I’m on a hiding to nothing trying to explain to you why it’s dreadful. It’d be like explaining what boobs look like to a man blind from birth. The drum solo is dreadful, the tinny flat production, especially on the guitars is reminiscent of Aslan, the plaintive lyrics, the ‘sipping the balls outta that pint’ use of the chorus (it’s only 2mins 50 seconds long but it’s mostly chorus and a not hooky enough chorus at that) reminds me of Aslan, but I could just as easily state it’s stale in terms of modern guitar music, but hell, the Coronas are actually popular so away with these lads. Couples in the midlands will shift the face off each other to this song (probably).

  2. Jessica Carroll

    This guys are a bunch of KNOB JOCKEYS.

    1. One of them is wearing a WOMAN’s t-shirt.

    2. The singer is wearing an extremely tight pair fitting pair of jeans that would have ya arrested for smugling budgies.

    How dare they.

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