Meanwhile, At Free Derry Corner



Yes or No?

YOU Bogside.

Meanwhile, outside a polling station in Scotland..


Via Dan Whitehead

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10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Free Derry Corner

  1. Formerly known as

    Don’t let Sir Bob see that there are people in his wonderful UK who may not enjoy the life it has given them, as much as he does.

    1. Odis

      Lol. – If you ever want to overcome those bitter feelings of inferiority, you are going to need to start with your outrageous jealousy m8.

      1. Formerly known as

        Inferiority? You are havin’ a laugh. Just cos some people think they are superior, doesn’t mean I think I am inferior. Did you get your psychology degree in a lucky bag?

        If you read Bob’s comments, you would understand.

  2. H

    The Catalans were handing out leaflets at the Circuit de Barcelona (as always) earlier this praising the UK government for allowing the Scottish vote and asking the Spanish government for the same chance so I’m not surprised by that last photo.
    PS The motogp coincided with the start of the world cup and I’ve never seen so many Dutch shirts in my life, they were delighted when Spain lost their first game – it was bizarre!

  3. CiarzyB

    What’s going on with the flag at Free Derry Corner though? Looks like it’s been ripped in half, doesn’t it?

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