61 thoughts on “We Need To Talk About ‘Baldy’

  1. Rep

    How is it possible to have such bad teeth in this day and age? You see old people in god-awful poverty-stricken, war torn countries with better teeth than that.

      1. scottser

        i would never publicly mock a child on the internet. i shall do it from the privacy of my own home, thankyewvedymuch

      2. ahyeah

        Wait! What’s this!?!?! Mani draws the line somewhere? This almost calls for a comment about Clamper’s mother.

  2. Randy Ewing

    No slagging , he’s a different race !
    They’ve different norms & traditions not for us to mock & taunt.

    Are the teeth a cultural choice ?

  3. eamonn clancy

    Baldy, I’ll give you a fiver if you dive into the Liffey off Liberty Hall, I will, I swear I will an all.

  4. ahyeah

    I still maintain that the heights of John Joe Ward’s Response to Ned McDonagh’s Baiting of PJ Joyce will never be seen again.

  5. JunkFace

    Jayzus! This kid looks like something from the 1920’s! Before toothbrushes came into use. I don’t think he ever brushed his teeth! And the portrait mode video!! Arrrgh! Video is supposed to be made in landscape mode, turn your camera 90 degrees you proles!

  6. Anne

    My dealings with the travelling community have been as follows:

    Begging door to door for ‘a few bits for da baby missus’.
    Traveller kids throwing stones, covered in horse sh*t at my car.
    A group of about ten caravans setting up camp outside my work, when the CEO was due a visit the following week. They got money to leave.
    In the dentist waiting room, two of them talking very loudy and saying to each other ‘look at your one eye-balling us Paddy, keep it up, yeah, keep it up eye-balling us and we’ll sort ya’.

    They’re a f*cking blight on society.. The ones I’ve had any dealings with.
    I’m sure the rest of them are lovely. I was just unlucky.

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