It’s the Summer of 1988 and Cork’s emigration-generation are following the beat, in perfect time, to catch a new club night starting in Sir Henry’s: SWEAT. Deep follows the story of hapless vinyl junkie Larry Lehane, on the cusp of a new era for music. Turning the tables on two decades, from the rise of Acid House to the Euro changeover. Through Larry’s rose-tinted, smiley face, glasses, we witness the evolution of anUnderground scene, as the beat rises and fall.


Eric at the Riverbank writes:

“Some of your more, ahem, mature readers will recall, or not as the case maybe, those days when the clubs played decent music, vinyl was a currency and hangovers just didn’t exist.
Relive the glory days of clubbing, this time in the comfort of comfortable seats and clean surroundings….Riverbank Arts Centre would like to offer one lucky Broadsheeter two tickets for Deep. A good heyday clubbing story should secure them….”

Lines stay open until Midnight.

Deep at the Riverbank Arts Centre


7 thoughts on “Coming Up

  1. Anne

    It was a summer’s evening, 1996, I rang my friends from the parent’s landline to organise our weekly pre club drinking, There were no mobiles in those days.
    I spent ages getting ready…. (‘Cheers’ on Catherine Street was the place to be, well, for all underage drinkers.. Mike Pryor was the resident DJ. The erection Section – oh things were much simpler back then.. Bryan Adams, everything I do. Saturday night, I feel the air is getting hot)…only to have 2 pints and fall asleep across one of the couches.

    I kind of just missed the rave scene really. Never took drugs either.
    But that’s my heydays clubbing story. Do I win? :)

  2. dr bob

    Look , when you hit middle age you start thinking that whatever shite you got up to as you left your teens was an earth shattering , world changing movement, a perfect musical and cultural snapshot of the zeitgeist.
    It’s why we had to endure so many f#$king movies in the 80’s about how 50’s rock and roll changed everything(hint :it didnt).Its why you had all those dull as f#$k articles and books in the naoughties about how 80’s punk came along and changed everything (spoiler , it didn’t either)
    It’s why I view my early twenties drinking bad pints and listening to Ministry downstairs in Fibbers as mystical , even though it was quite frankly rubbish, .
    In summation I’d rather chew my own tonsils off than watch something about how disco biscuits , rare dutch happy hardcore vinyl and a load of people doing big fish little fish and saying stuff like ‘on one? naaaace one baaaaii’,, ‘changed everything..

    *(unless they provide mid nineties strength E for everyone in the audience , in which case I’m the guy with the glowsticks , vicks and soother.)

  3. Catherine

    God l’m old – god l loved Sir Henrys. I remember the happy night when l tumbled all the way down the backstairs, got covered in that weird black tar that always coated the place, landed at the bottom and calmly smoked the fag that the bouncer gave me.

  4. Leo Dowling

    There’s a great documentary about the Dublin dance scene in the 90s available on the NearFM website.

  5. deliverancecountry

    The dream combo.
    a. Good yokes
    b. Bangin’choons
    c. Up-for-it crowd
    Skaggy pills, unskilled djs and loads of mongers and moochers harshing up the dance floor kinda screwed up a few evenings but occasionally it all came together and then it was proper. I was totally over the whole scene by the time I got my hands on clean MDMA, that would have been my weapon of choice tbh. Some of the comedowns were goddawful but it was sorta miraculous now how well we did considering how the sh1t was cooked. It’s also nice now to be able to head somewhere different if the music doesn’t suit you, in the early days our options were so limited and sometimes we were at the mercy of some gabber fanatics or that loadsa-crap-vocals boring house. I do remember the crowd were just such mental fun though – compared to the boozing scene it was such a laugh and we always ended up in random strangers houses talking sh1te and managing not to wreck anything or anybody (we wuz already wrekked lol).

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