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It’s the Summer of 1988 and Cork’s emigration-generation are following the beat, in perfect time, to catch a new club night starting in Sir Henry’s: SWEAT. Deep follows the story of hapless vinyl junkie Larry Lehane, on the cusp of a new era for music. Turning the tables on two decades, from the rise of Acid House to the Euro changeover. Through Larry’s rose-tinted, smiley face, glasses, we witness the evolution of anUnderground scene, as the beat rises and fall.


Eric at the Riverbank writes:

“Some of your more, ahem, mature readers will recall, or not as the case maybe, those days when the clubs played decent music, vinyl was a currency and hangovers just didn’t exist.
Relive the glory days of clubbing, this time in the comfort of comfortable seats and clean surroundings….Riverbank Arts Centre would like to offer one lucky Broadsheeter two tickets for Deep. A good heyday clubbing story should secure them….”

Lines stay open until Midnight.

Deep at the Riverbank Arts Centre