33 thoughts on “Football’s Coming Home

  1. phil

    I wonder will they consider croke park? And how would the residents in that area feel about it , better give them a heads up …

  2. rotide

    This is great news.

    3 group games and a last 16 game. With a bit of luck there could be some great matches on the doorstep

  3. PKX

    surely there’s more deserving cities out there, proper football cities that support the game. Dublin can’t muster 5,000 fans between it’s 4 clubs each weekend. Lisbon for one.

      1. PKX

        I’d never bemoan UCD their support, they’re not a real club in that sense, whatver good they bring to the league.

        1. Peter

          Damn right they’re not a real club. I mean, apart from putting out a team in the league each week. But yeah, other than that, they’re not a club. Oh yeah, and the whole administrative side of the club, and the stadium. So yeah, other than the team, management, coaches, underage teams, and their stadium, they’re not a “real” club.

          1. PKX

            I said “in that sense”, we were talking about fanbases, I wouldn’t chastise UCD for not having a dedicated hardcore support given their unique status of being a university team playing in a summer league.

  4. Mister Mister

    It would have been odder if we didn’t get a match, weren’t they basically given a game or two to anyone in Europe who asked this time around ?

    1. David

      this is an international event.

      not a local insular game with a few hundred ignorant locals with a chip on their shoulder because someone from Lucan won’t come to Phibsborough to watch a match on a wet Friday night.

  5. Banotti

    Great news but I’m really surprised. I thought we’d burned our bridges with UEFA after the europa cup final being half empty.

    1. K

      That’s UEFA’s fault more than anything. Tickets went on sale months in advance of the final when some big hitters were still left in the competition and the game was actually a sell out.

      There was no appetite to get to the game once Braga and Porto qualified for the final. Which was a shame for the Aviva, because the finals in 2010 and 2012 were of a much higher standard.

      1. PKX

        Says all you need to know about the best football fans in the world. Good luck to them trying to get folk into Belarus v Finland.

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