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‘The video depict[s] a futuristic Neo-Dublin in all its shady glory. Sleek but grimy, the film shows a slice of life of one of Dublin’s proto-robotic street crawlers. A study in sentience and consciousness amid a hail of badass synthery!”


Speed of Snakes – Backbone of Night

Kits writes:

“Filmed in the old John Player Blue factory [South Circular Road, Dublin]  by an Irish director (Stevie Russell), Irish band and Irish crew that even has a cute kitten in it, what more could you want? Pretty great, methinks.Hope you like it….”

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30 thoughts on “You May Like This

      1. kwikster

        I see you’re point, but she does manage to break free of the male controllers and presumably go on to control her own destiny from here on in.

      2. JunkFace

        Calm down, have you never seen Blade Runner? Pris (Daryl Hannah) was a pleasure model android, you know what that means. Are you gonna get irate with Ridley Scott now?

        Its a fairly well covered topic in Sci-Fi films and comics.

        Also, when society gets introduced to Sexy Fembots the ladies will really have to up their game ha ha ha!

  1. Anne

    Its a fairly well covered topic in Sci-Fi films and comics.

    Oh aye, just because everyone does it does not make it right.

    After 1851, ginger ale was created and sold in Ireland as a health drink. Ingredients: Root extract, half a pound of Sugar, soda and Water.
    In the early 1900s, Sigmund Freud claimed cocaine helped to cure depression and sexual impotence. Everyone believed HIM.
    In the 1930s, cigarette companies paid doctors to tell everyone that smoking was good for their health.
    Before 1970, women in this country did not have the right to be tried by a Jury of their peers and most people had no problem with this.
    Until 1990, martial rape was not seen as a crime by anybody in this country.

    Now it is 2014 and people are waking up to the fact that the objectification and the sexualisation of women is unwanted, unwarranted, dangerous and as outdated as a 1980s mobile phone brick.

    1. Mani

      So what your saying is that in another hundred years the decision not to view women as objects will be seen as being on a par with positive cigarette advertising. Tremendous.

      1. Anne

        I am saying that it will be where it belongs…. in the past. To be considered as one would a scarab under a glass case. Fasinating but not something you would want to be surrounded by day in, day out.

    2. JunkFace

      Oh sweet Jesus! Look, there are plenty of new films, animations, and music videos that are more progressive/less misogynistic with their roles for female characters, and I think that they will become the norm over the next decade. And the recent post about depictions of females in video games were well made videos that argued very valid points.

      Are you going to discount every film and video from the past that doesn’t subscribe to your preferred viewpoints?

      By that argument, why are there so many thrashy ladies magazines (many of them Run by women) in every supermarket, spouting out ridiculous rubbish, gossip, celebrity voyeurism, promoting unrealistic female body types for teenage girls, possibly contributing to more eating disorders in teens and on, and on, and on…. That stuff is way more damaging to the female psyche now, than any music video could be. Why aren’t women getting angry over that stuff? Why doesn’t someone question the ethics of the supermarkets and shops selling this rubbish by the truck loads? What about MTV? Holy F***! That channel is the reversal of the Feminist movement.

      The music video in question is fairly misogynistic, obviously, but tries to redeem the female characters independence by the end. I thought it was well made, artistically.

    1. Anne

      Oh my gowwwwd. I’m crushed. Boo… what a fabulously crushing reply. You got me there, I now know my place. No more should I stand up again mysoganistic bullsh*t just in case someone might point out the possibility that I have no plans just so I KNOWS my place in this world.

      I mean, lawd forbid you give some sort of engaging, considered, intelligent reply instead of a stupid dumb knee to the chin jerk response.

  2. Gashtooth

    Dear Anne,

    The idea creatively explored in this video is one that has been explored across both sexes in multiple media formats, and by minds such as Asimov, Philip K Dick, Spielberg, all the way to such luminaries as Joss Whedon in Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Don’t be so defensive. Jude Law plays a male robot gigolo in A.I. Don’t assume an idea is inherently misogynistic. Also don’t try to censor the exploration of such ideas because you find one facet of that idea objectionable. There’s a word for that.
    This video and related creative material can be seen as an exploration of (amongst other things) human nature and our desire to objectify sex and that which we find sexually desirable.

    How’s that for an “engaging, considered, intelligent reply”?

      1. Gashtooth

        Ha! More displaying my truncated knowledge of Sci-fi. Or maybe I’m mysoginistically selecting my writers!

    1. Anne

      Don’t be so defensive.
      I will be any way I like. Tra-la-la
      Don’t assume an idea is inherently misogynistic.
      The objectification of women is misogynistic, that is what we are discussing here. Not camera through the ages or the latest trends for igloo building. If we were, the labelling of the subject as misogynistic would not come into it. However as we are discussing a misogynistic subject, the word misogynistic will be brought into it.
      Also don’t try to censor the exploration of such ideas because you find one facet of that idea objectionable
      Don’t tell me what to do. Does the big man not like the little woman pointing out something is misogynistic? How misogynistic of him.

      What is engaging or intelligent by sprounting examples of precident and then telling me how to react to it? Try harder.

      1. Gashtooth

        No. I have plans for the evening.


      2. Sarah

        Dumb broads like you give us girls a bad name.
        Aside from your failure to grasp the core of the concepts you are discussing, your spelling is fupping atrocious.

        The video depicts a sentient female android break free of her programmed role as a sex object.
        Designed to serve as a prostitute by two shadowy patriarchal figures who try their best to bend her to their will. Despite their best intentions, she, through her own will, throws off the constraints placed upon her by her misogynistic creators and presumably proceeds to forge her own path in the cosmos.

        You can’t get much more overtly anti-misogynistic.

  3. Revive

    As an irate feminist I have to take issue with the whole female prostitute-robot thing, BUT I do have to see the good things here too liiike.. her sticking it to the man in the end, thinking for herself, doing her own thing without fear or apology. She is not weak, or submissive, she is completely unapologetic to all her male “controllers” as you put it. Also the sheer fact that the protagonist of an Irish music video is for ONCE a female is refreshing in it’s own right! (esp for the fact that the man band appear in the video and take a backseat, without a need to measure their big egos all over the screen.)

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