They’re going ‘middle class’


Chateau Nenin Pomerol (Lidl)

Thanks STP

UPDATE: We have a BOTTLE of Chateau Nenin Pomero  – worth 65 big ones – to give away to ONE grape-ful reader. Just complete this sentence: ‘If I was a Bordeaux a wine critic might describe me as_____________________________________________’

Lines stay open until midnight.

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33 thoughts on “How Much?

      1. lolly

        eh, actually it is good. I’ve tasted it and it is worth the price given the vintage and its aging potential and given what else you would get for that money in Bordeaux these days. There is phenomenal value in Lidl’s Bordeaux sale at the moment.

          1. lolly

            Cru Classé quality Bordeaux at €16 each? I’m afraid not. I really don’t want to be argumentative but I do know about this stuff. the best you could do would for that price would be a 2011 or 2012 Bx Sup. such as Grand Rénom or Segonzac – good wines but this is a different league. Nenin 2010 will age for 20 years and will develop huge complexity – it is already multi-layered and drinking well. Now you could get four bottles of regional Spanish wine (a decent Bierzo or Jumilla perhaps) that might offer as much pleasure for €16-17 but that is comparing apples and oranges. Bordeaux at this level has specific flavours that once you get hooked on they cannot be replicated by Cotes de Bourg or generic Bx. I’d be very curious to know what Bordeaux you could suggest that approaches this level of quality for less than €30. .

          2. Bacchus

            Enjoy it so. I’m happy drinking (and selling) a far superior yet modest Bordeaux at €15.99 that doesn’t need Cru Classé to sell it.

          3. lolly

            Baachus, if you’re in the trade it is likely we know each other. apologies if I was over the top there but trust me that 2010 Nenin is top notch. same owners as Léoville las Cases these days as you probably know and they have hugely improved quality in recent years. I totally agree that it is a scandal to have to pay €65 to buy cru classé level bordeaux. – I use that phrase as a level of quality, not a brand. I consider Chasse Spleen, Phelan Ségur and Poujeaux in that category also. I didn’t buy any Nenin in case you are wondering – I tried it at a wine tasting. I’d love to know the Bordeaux you sell at €16 that you believe is such high quality.

    1. The People's Hero

      Those prices are always listed excluding taxes and duties paid. Regardless of the quality, it’s probably a good €30-40 cheaper than the price with tax paid.

  1. Casey

    Costs about £41 from the local “precious bin” or about £249 for 6 if you go to a broker so ?65 is pricy even taking the excange rate into account. Not available from any other supplier in Ireland at this time though.

  2. Anne

    If I was a Bordeaux a wine critic might describe me as multi layered, with overt tones of elegant sophistication, with lesser overtones of flamboyant, abrasiveness. Not for everyone, slightly aged, a little sour, a little sweet, but intensely satisfying.

    Do I win? :)

  3. STP

    ‘If I was a Bordeaux a wine critic might describe me as pretentious yet sensitive , with a hint of raspberry, aromas of peach, oatmeal, subtle notes of charred peat, seasoned by complex lees derived characters,intense fruit power in the spectrum of nectarine to peach stone fruits is deftly laced with complex seasoned oak that adds a zesty orange rind and ginger component to the wine will be more immediately appealing given the sheer unadulterated intensity, an essay in depth and balance.

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