6 thoughts on “Like They Were Never Away

  1. Mister Mister

    That gobshite Paul Murphy think he’s going to win this time around after his drubbing last time ? Has he yet to win an election he ran in ?

    1. Wayne.F

      Sure he all ready has come out and said PBP should not run a candidate so, he has a better chance of success!!

      1. Mister Mister

        “PBP” may not, but what about the socialists, the Dublin Says no campaign, We want everything for free party, or whatever umbrella group they have going these days ? Sure they’re all the same.

        Look at Ruth Coppinger, she ran under the Anti Austerity Alliance earlier this year, not the Socialists.

        They’re worse than a Life Of Brian skit.

        1. Jock

          The best one is United People. A one man splinter group from DDI that got 80 or so votes in the local elections. Google Jeff Rudd for lols.

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