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This morning.

Cormac writes:

The Greens are offering €5 per poster. If I had 50c for every cable tie I’d be going on a nice holiday. There’s 1000s left on poles in my area.

On a 15 minute walk from Clonskeagh [Dublin 14] to Ranelagh [Dublin 6] I picked these (above) up off the ground on just one side of the road

This morning.

Clonskeagh, Dublin 14.

Cormac writes:

I wonder what contributed to this telecom pole blowing over last night? Leaving a near invisible phone line neck height across the footpath?

Any physics/maths person want to figure out the pushing force x4 AO pieces of rigid card added to the top of a not new, 30 foot high, 14″ wide, wooden pole?


People Before Profit Dublin Central candidate Gillian Brien tweetz:

“My posters are getting burned, since Saturday night. Why? I refused to take a leaflet from a male in his 60s, who said ‘I burn in hell for been ally to LGBT+ Community’. While postering Saturday morning, he also said ‘I will see’, repeatedly.”


This morning.

Ferg writes:

Punching height…



Last night.

Con Kennedy tweetz:

Hey Emer Currie, this visual eyesore poses a danger to pedestrians & motorists. It’s too low & blocks the view of traffic. Remove it now. This is 200m from a school & crossing. RSA Ireland
specifically warned about creating this danger. Shih Tzu placed for scale.



In fairness.

This afternoon…

Further to a post on Monday about posters offering cash prizes to wards for speedily moving patients out of their beds to a “discharge lounge” at St James’s Hospital…

Richard Chambers, of Virgin Media News, is reporting that the posters have been removed and the hospital has apologised for any offence caused.

He also said it’s unclear if the competition will continue in its current form.

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