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This morning.

Ferg writes:

Punching height…



Last night.

Con Kennedy tweetz:

Hey Emer Currie, this visual eyesore poses a danger to pedestrians & motorists. It’s too low & blocks the view of traffic. Remove it now. This is 200m from a school & crossing. RSA Ireland
specifically warned about creating this danger. Shih Tzu placed for scale.



In fairness.

This afternoon…

Further to a post on Monday about posters offering cash prizes to wards for speedily moving patients out of their beds to a “discharge lounge” at St James’s Hospital…

Richard Chambers, of Virgin Media News, is reporting that the posters have been removed and the hospital has apologised for any offence caused.

He also said it’s unclear if the competition will continue in its current form.

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A diverting inisight into the way colour in movie posters is used to communicate with the desired audiences.

James Verdesoto of Indika Entertainment Advertising explains how white backgrounds are used for comedy, blue for action thrillers, shadows indicate secondary characters, yellow is the colour of independent film and so on.


This afternoon.

At a meeting of the Oireachtas health committee.

Minister for Health Simon Harris mentions those posters outside his constituency office..

After which, Senator Ronán Mullen asked the minister:

“What I’m asking you is, is there a disconnect between disapproving of the posters and being in favour of the killing of children in that way?”

Mr Harris responded that he “disassociated”himself from the language of Senator Mullen and that he will campaign for a Yes vote.

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