No Place Like Dome



This afternoon.

The geodesic dome in Flanagan’s Field Community Garden, Reuben St in Fatima, Dublin 8, on the site of the old Fatima Mansions housing complex ahead of its official opening TOMORROW.

The grow dome will use harvested rainwater and an off-grid hydroponic (*cough*) technique to produce well over 1,000 lettuces (or whatever) per week, every week, all year round.

From top: Jamie Lynam and Paddy Martin, Unidentified, Jamie Lynam and Mick Hooper.

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(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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4 thoughts on “No Place Like Dome

  1. Rob

    Unidentified is probably Jamie Lynam, unless Jamie has a twin with the same clothes and tattoo, who climbed up the ladder but didn’t stick his head out the top like his twin in the next photo.

  2. Mr. T.

    You can say what you like about council estates, flats etc. I think overall Dublin City council have made massive improvements to developments over the last 20 years. The lives of people who live there in general is much improved.

    There’s some really nice stuff from the 1930s/40s around. And when they are maintained and kept clean, they look great. As good as any well designed older blocks from European cities.

  3. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    An industrial sized hydroponic grow tent in Dolphins Barn? Does Fat Freddie know about this?

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