There’s Always One World



Globalist scaremongers Global ‘leaders’ coming to Dublin?

Oh go on then.

Bob Coggins writes:

“This is the 5th year of the One Young World summit, and this year its in Dublin. A few of us created a voluntary committee to bid to bring it here, and beat Edinburgh and Hong Kong to land it. It’s going to see 1500 young leaders from around the world, aged 18-30 from 196 countries here for 4 days [October 15-18]. Counsellors include Kofi Annan, Bob Geldof, Mary Robinson, Muhammad Yunus [speaking above] and lots more. We’re really keen to ensure Dublin welcomes the ‘world’ here, so we’d appreciate if you can help spread the word. As part of our pitch we put together this ‘Welcome to Dublin’ video (above), hope you like it…”


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      1. Mick Flavin

        I didn’t know the Church had intellectual property rights on the act of kneeling down.
        Every day is a schoolday…

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