27 thoughts on “Oh Aye?

    1. ac

      They didn’t report it though did they? It was just an observation that was made in the footage. To be fair I’ve seen the clip and she could of accidentally put a no bundle in the yes pile. All the exit polls suggest it’s the correct result. I’d love a good scandal though… don’t get me wrong.

      1. DoM

        But there weren’t any exit polls, as far as I heard..? Certainly there was a Guardian article about there not being any, and nobody I saw was discussing exit polls.

  1. Padi

    If you had spent two more minutes on Reddit where you seem to get 50% of your ‘funnies’ you would have seen that this has been confirmed as having been taken at a time when all ballots were being collated into piles, this is not a post count Yes/No table.

  2. Murtles

    No : 2,000,926 (55%)
    Yes : 1,617,989 (45%)
    RECOUNT !!! That vote could swing it. If they were really interested in independence they’d call for one).

    1. dan

      “If they were really interested in independence they’d call for one” – really? What if they knew they lost?

    2. well

      I think right now they’re of waiting for Cameron to rescind on all his promises, then they’ll pissed off enough for the next one.

      1. 15 cents

        true, but he’s already said theyll never be allowed to vote on independence again. which was quite chilling.

  3. K

    “@YesDundee: To clarify, ballot papers have not yet been sorted into Yes/No and are just resting on table where No will go once sorted. No need to worry.”

    1. Slightly Bemused

      “just resting on table”

      Sorry, I had to laugh at that as I had a Fr Ted moment of ‘just resting’ in his bank account.

      Thanks for brightening up my Friday!

    1. The Old Boy

      Only for complete thicks, and can only be granted at the Westminster level, so it’s not a possibility in the foreseeable future.

      1. Odis

        The best opportunity was now really, for two reasons.

        1) Salmond has been lying about Scotland’s oil resources, as time passes the fact that Scotland isn’t Saudi Arabia in the snow, will become far more apparent.

        2 “Devomax” – this really is a one edged sword. Scottish politicians are like politicians all over. Letting them get their hands on the “national till” will be additional revenue stream over and above their traditional corruption, and is bound to have humourous results.
        While the lads in Westminster whine on about Scottish over representation in London.

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