26 thoughts on “They Are Among Them

  1. Planet of the Missing Biros

    Race to the bottom ‘Journalism’ sell outs where you can buy a poll or news ‘article’ to promote your business.

  2. Banotti

    I’m surprised any of them can muster a smile knowing the soul destroying work that awaits them at their desk. Those regurgitated “articles” on the best 90s kids shows don’t write themselves.

  3. K

    “21 things you’ll definitely remember if you grew up watching RTE’s coverage of the Irish soccer team in the 1990’s.”

      1. Mick Flavin

        “Apple, Hungry, Red”

        *scratches self*

        “Hungry, Good, Sad, There’s no direct flight from Africa so why are they claiming asylum here?”

        *fingers turd, smells finger*

        1. Mani

          *kills co-worker and dry humps corpse*
          ‘Remember Whispas? They were good!’
          *rips arm from corpse and beats dominant male to death with it*
          ‘Journal.ie proud to announce New Editor-in-Chimp’

  4. Moocher

    They probably need the chocolate to replenish the energy lost from hitting CTRL C and CTRL V all the time……

  5. Daithif

    I downloaded the app at one point. Noticed myself tracking the comments on most article and even commenting on some. Ended up entangled in arguments with some of the most intellectually deficient rabble in possession of an Irish passport. Properly depressing stuff, so I left.

    Now I bitch about them on another comment section.

    “It’s the circle of liiiiiiiiiifeeeeeee!”

    1. I, Scooperman

      Sometimes to pass the time I go through the articles and indiscriminately dislike every comment. It’s not great.

  6. Goldbaaren

    It’s Blur v Oasis all over again it seems. Broadsheet or Journal, you MUST choose. Being honest I’d see The Journal as the educated and polished option (Blur).

    I read Broadsheet more, despite disliking Oasis. So it’s not an exact science.

    1. Tony

      journal is the ambitious, smarmy, boring bloke from accounts. broadsheet is the tramp that broke in through the toilet window of the office, stole two pencils and a half tin of coke , graffitied a hello kitty on the wall and left.

      I know who I’m sharing a bag of glue with

  7. Drogg

    The comment section on the Journal is the equivalent of the racist stories you hear from a bad taxi driver.

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