…and we’re out.

To the Nokias! And don’t spare the Samsung!

Seriously though, take our money.

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47 thoughts on “How Much?

    1. Jonjo

      The contract is not good value. I bought a Google Nexus 5 on Amazon sim free for €280. I pay €20 a month on 3 pay as you go and don’t spend the credit because of all the freebies.

      My cost over the 2 years is €780.
      The same deal on 3 was €40.60 a month with a free phone. This works out at €974.40 over the 2 years.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Ah I see, good point.
        Have to admit I stay a version behind everyone else and seem to ride along nicely. There will be lots of iPhone 5s going cheap very soon.

        1. ReproBertie

          But you have to dump all your chargers and your docking station becomes an obsolete dust gatherer.

          I’ll keep the 4S for as long as it’s viable before letting it live out its days as an ipod.

    2. Bob

      I too bought a Nexus 5 for around €335 at the time of release. Unlocked and with no contract. Then I joined http://www.48months.ie and I pay €10 per month for my plan. I can switch to the €15 plan some months if I feel I’m going over the 1GB data allowance (I use Spotify a good bit).

      I would have got an equivalent phone for €50-100 on a 48 month Vodafone plan costing €45 pm. That works out to be over €1,100~ over 2 years. Instead I’ll be paying around €600~ over the same duration. Saving half the price like.

      1. munkifisht

        Do the same myself. It’s a great scam and people just fall for it. I have a friend who works fairly high up in O2 and he told me never to buy on contract.

    1. Paolo

      Why not buy a decent phone that doesn’t lock you into proprietary software, chargers, accessories ……..?

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Heheh :)

        There was a time (younger readers look away) when it was ‘oh look at the cool kid, asking around the office for an iPhone charger’…..

        Now it’s a bit more like… ‘hah! …ye plonk!’

        How many green points do Apple lose for creating more chargers, lots! Get with the programme Apple!

      2. Deadly

        The reason for the new chargers etc is due to a little thing called progress. If it was up to the fool on the street we’d be putting Duracell batteries into our phones.

    1. Graeme

      The price is the total cost over the entire contract being offered with the iPhone. If you really want one, get a sim free one then sign up for a cheaper sim only plan.

  1. Tony

    Are Mr Wreckler’s figures correct or not? I thought 3 did an all you can eat data deal. Also is it €1145 per year? And for which (16/64/128GB) version of the phone?

    So confused and aroused.

  2. Cuckoo

    This is the total cost of phone + phone service for the duration of the contract. It will work out a good bit cheaper to buy it up front and pay as you go if you can get by on a single €20 a month top up.

  3. JunkFace

    Nobody really needs a new iPhone, unless they just broke their old one. The battery life is probably still rubbish, are they still on a charge every 24 hrs?

    Apple geeks are the WORST!

  4. Joe835

    I got a iPhone 5 for €179 with 3, over a 2-year contract (350 minutes or 700 texts with unlimited data) at €40.66 a month – a good €1,154.84 for the whole contract. So the new one is almost €9 cheaper for the two years.

    A SIM-free iPhone 6 is €699, so any monthly pay-as-you-go offer would have to cost €18.99 or less to be as good value as that.

    If you pay €20 a month, the cost after 2 years doing it that way would be 2% more than getting it on contract – you’d start saving money after that but then you’d have the whole phenomenon of OMG IPHONE 8!!!!!!11

    1. sheesh

      Get out of here with your common sense and solid maths :)

      I did the sums when I was getting my last phone and ended up going contract too (for the first time ever I might add, commitment phobe that i am)

    2. bobsyouruncle

      But if you only top up by 20e every 5 weeks (First 2 weeks you have everything free with prepay (bar non 3 calls outside Monday to Friday) and then spend the 20e in the 5th week) like me, you will save more than taking a contract. 208e credit per year based on topping up every 5 weeks. so phone + 2 years top up = 699+416 = 1115.
      The Iphone6 with your plan now costs another extra 50e unless you take the 55pm plan and you get it at 179.

  5. Lilly

    My contract with eMobile is up in 3 months and I’ve no interest in upgrading my iPhone. Average bill at the mo is €55 a month approx. Anyone have any idea what kind of deal I should be thinking of switching to?

    1. Jonjo

      3 pay as you go.

      €20 for unlimited data, free texts to all networks, free calls to all networks at the weekend.

      The free calls are extended to other 3 customers at all times.

  6. isallimsaying

    Can some kind gentle type explain: the providers will now upgrade you yearly (as Apple release new models annually), despite encouraging you to take a 24 month contract. Does this mean they have recouped the cost within 12 months?

  7. Disasta

    No price on the plans so it means nothing. Another rubbish post.

    Although I did buy a OnePlus for 350 recently. Sweet phone.

  8. Niallo

    I’m calling emperors new clothes here.
    What does the 6 do in addition to what you get with an iphone 5 ? Or 4 for that matter ?
    I’ve been using a fruit based phone since the 3s (moved from a nokia n95, ah symbian, what a heap)
    Anyhoo, the 3s did 50 things the nokia didnt (no torch or accesible storage though) and a bunch of other stuff you never new you needed.
    Design wise ,the 3s sat in the hand just so, whereas the 5 is the most floor happy thing since a greased floor happy thing.
    And why does the screen scratch so easily ?
    Speaking of which, why isnt the screen photsensitive so it charges the damn battery ?
    If they did that then maybe €500 would be justified, but for the price they are looking for, they need to dig up steve jobs to personally hand deliver it.
    Think they jumped the shark here, pity.
    Apologies for the stream of conciousness and occasional typo’s, the bottle of scotch I had at lunch hasnt settled.

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