What Makes Dublin Different?


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It’s a thing added to an existing thing.

Custo writes:

Just saw the FAI submission video for Euro 2020 [above]. It’s just Failte Ireland’s ‘Meet in Dublin’ video from a couple of years ago [below] with some football scenes tacked on.

Seems a little strange.

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27 thoughts on “What Makes Dublin Different?

      1. The bringer of facts

        Yes, they will be lovely when fully completed. Like in normal countries that build stadiums and finish them, fully.

        To the fullest.

        1. LiamZero

          And when ARE they going to complete that roof on one of Europe’s most famous venues, the Camp Nou?
          You fool.

      2. munkifisht

        Both are “missing” one end. Means they can never quite get the same atmosphere as a full 4 sided stadium. As the Millennium stadium shows, the more closed in a stadium is, the better.

        That said, I do think Lansdowne is a cracker of a stadium, it is a bit of a shame the residential challenges had the poor impact they did. Cant’ say the same fro Croker.

    1. deliverancecountry

      The unfinished stadium schtick again.
      They are both built on restricted sites.
      I believe in some societies you can build and knock down as you see fit and some of the results have been wonderful.

  1. CousinJack

    Standard vacuous marketing BS.
    Every half baked town across the world has a near identical marketing vid.

  2. Jack Aranda

    It worked, didn’t it? Imagine the belly-aching had they spent shed-load of cash securing the games.

  3. buckfastmonkey

    Well good for them and their thriftiness. If they made a brand new fancy-pants video you’d all be moaning about the cost. You people are morons and you dont know what you want.

  4. Der

    Where everything runs on time? Now this is my favourite city in the world and I’d never live anywhere else – but things running on time is not one of our strong points!?!

  5. Anne

    What makes Dublin different?

    It’s where you can’t leave a bike securely locked anywhere in the town, but a scobe will nick it.
    It’s where you arrive into Heuston to heroin addicts asking for ‘a bit a change for da journey home to Wexford’, with a scobey Dublin accent’.
    It’s where you can’t get a bad pint under 7 euro.
    It’s where criminal gangs run rife.. Dublin’s best kept secret is that it has the best scobes in the country.
    It’s where you try your best to avoid eye contacts with the numerous bums and no hopers on the Luas.
    It’s where you can’t find affordable accommodation and homelessness is becoming a big problem.

    Dublin – Different than the rest of the country for sure.

    1. Rabo Karabekian

      Anne, I think you were supposed to list reasons why Dublin is different, not similarities with the vast, vast majority of cities around the world.

    2. Der

      All of those things are more likely in dublin, ya know what else is more likely?
      Good conversation, good coffee and good sex!

    3. Royal M

      All of those things you mentioned could easily be applied to Manchester, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Prague, Athens and so on. Dublin isn’t a bad auld spot, and the scobe menace is completely exaggerated. Dublin is far safer than it was in the 80s and 90s.

    4. rotide

      Where the hell do you drink that you pay 7 euro for a pint Anne?

      Or are you in the habit of making things up to prove your misguided point?

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