Greyhound workers at Liberty Hall earlier this month

The Lockout is over.

Peace bin our time.

The agreement includes a redundancy package of two weeks’ pay plus statutory entitlements of two weeks per year of service for the workers who have decided to leave the company.
13 of the workers who are remaining with the company will retain their previous terms and conditions.
These workers will work on a Dublin City Council contract to collect waste from social housing units and will be selected according to length of service at the company.
Workers who are remaining with the company but will not be working on the social housing contract have agreed a wage reduction of between 15% and 20%.
These workers will also be compensated for the changes in their terms and conditions of employment by receiving a payment of a sum equal to 30% of the redundancy package to which they would have been entitled if they were leaving the company.

Result, in fairness.

Greyhound workers accept revised pay proposals (RTÉ)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

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4 thoughts on “Dust Settles

  1. phil

    So does that mean that private sector workers, working on a public sector contract will be paid more than their colleagues?
    Am I reading that correctly ?

      1. johnthebaptist

        Contract with the council will be a fixed amount to the company per unit of service, the workers on that contract are getting a bigger portion of that than the bosses wanted. The cost to the state is the same.

  2. deliverancecountry

    No need to panic. Service workers are now fired after 10 or 11 months and then rehired after a few weeks or else passed on to the next employer, so they are cheap and disposable which is what we want from our minions, really.

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