Derek writes:

“Just heard a ‘random’ caller to Liveline [on RTÉ Radio One] called Stephen praising JobBridge. I will bet the €50 I will earn this week on this scheme that Stephen is a stooge put forward by the government…”


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28 thoughts on “JoeBridge

  1. ReproBertie

    Anyone who expresses a postive thought about anything is being paid to do so because everything is sh1t and the government are out to get us.

    1. Mister Mister

      Derek is one of those people that think you’re a stooge, closet FG/FF member or an eejit if you think anything that the government does is a good thing. Presumably no union member ever rang in that was anti jobs bridge ?

      Independent thinking Derek, you should try it sometime. Build a, er, bridge Derek, and get over yourself.

  2. YourNan

    sure, whenever someone disagrees with you it’s an agent paid by the man. thank god you can see through their chem trails haze.

  3. Just sayin'

    The fact that Derek listens to Joe is evidence enough of his paranoia for me.

    I hope Irish Water announce a 50% increase of fluoride in the water, just for the craic.

  4. Oisin O'Callaghan

    JobBridge isn’t a bad thing by definition, it just has the potential to be taken advantage of and this is mostly what you hear of it. There are plenty of companies that hire interns outside the JobBridge scheme (entitling interns to nothing), and take the same advantage – which is worse?

    1. johnthebaptist

      Jobbridge because while companies doing it privately can be exploitative at least the intern has some semblance of control over the situation. If you’re on Jobbridge and you leave without the local SW officer decising you were justified in leaving you can have your dole cut.

      Also, by government paying for this it encourages every and any asshole in the country to put up entry level positions as internships rather than paid opportunities.

  5. Paulski

    I used Jobridge to get back working again and then was offered a permanent position in the company 4 months in to my 6 month stint. I have since left that company after 2 years there and based on the experience I gained I am now in a better job.

    I know that loads of companies are using JobBridge as a means of getting extremely cheap labour and there are loads of loopholes that can be exploited but personally I found it was of tremendous benefit.

    Just sayin’

  6. Bluebeard

    I have hired three people thru Jobridge. Paid their rent on top of what they were getting from the scheme. All three have full time jobs with us now and we all thought it was amazeballs. But thats probably not what you want to hear on Broadsheet or Liveline. Cos Ireland is medieval, corrupt, horrible etc etc…

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      “Paid their rent on top of what they were getting from the scheme.” You know that’s actually specifically proscribed by the scheme? You’re not allowed to pay any top ups to participants. Also, I don’t believe you.

      1. Bluebeard

        Well, its true. And I know its prohibited, but i didn’t mind doing it as I felt it was fairer. I find it strange that Im being rebuked for treating people better..

        1. Bluebeard

          Actually I don’t find it strange. Not here. Its just another example of how you treat people who don’t share your views…. While still promoting fairness, equality and all the other crap you espouse, but never live up to.

  7. squidlimerick

    Called them on Wednesday, they couldn’t fit me in. Called them on Thursdya and they said they might call me on Friday. told them I was unavailible Friday but they rang me anyway. Not a peep out of them today. They were not putting through as many negative calls all week deliberately I think

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