It’s Not Easy Being Luminous Green




Adam writes:

“My other half’s bike was stolen from the rear of our place in Portobello [Dublin] at the weekend. It was locked with a serious looking kryptonite lock behind a locked gate. So who ever took it went to a lot of effort.
As you can see – it’s not easily missed. It’s a NoLogo Bike. With a Flip Flop hub – was flipped to single speed when we last had it – and it has no lights. The bike was a present from me for last Christmas. And his first ‘nice’ bike so he wasn’t that happy to see it missing over the weekend. Your lovely readers may be able to help?”


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31 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Being Luminous Green

  1. Marty (Free)Wheelin'

    No sympathy. Why would you leave something that valuable outside? There should be a rule against posting stolen bikes where the owner was this careless.

    1. figleaf

      That’s very harsh. The guy didn’t leave the bike willynilly in the street, he had it locked with an expensive kryptonite lock, behind a locked gate. Some people are not in a position to bring bikes indoors.

      1. Dick Spring (retired)

        Harsh but necessary. There was another one of those victims that had chained a €1,600 racer to an old set of Victorian railings overnight outside her house in Ranelagh a few weeks back. She was shocked that the thieves had gone to the effort of sawing through the single wrought iron bar standing between them and at least a few hundred quid. What did she expect? It’s a load of shite that we have to go to these lengths to avoid property theft but I have no sympathy whatsoever for people that could have genuinely avoided the loss.

  2. Jaden

    That’s pretty much what I was thinking when I saw that photo. The bike literally screams “Look at me! look at me!”

  3. Looking In

    Jeez you can’t appreciate colour and people think you’re saying look at me.
    Place could do with more colour.

  4. Serv

    Chased three lads trying to steal a bright blue fixie from portobello on saturday afternoon. Young lads, one in black tracksuit, another in grey tracssuit sorts combo (get him). Two had bikes, one on foot. Reported it to broadsheet and a passing paddywagon. Neither bothered following up :(

    1. Serv

      They legged it to the flats on heystesbury st, might be worth a good look around there, could be stashed somewhere.

  5. Pothole

    bikes left outside on your property should be booby trapped – I’m sure it could not be too difficult to attach a mains current discretely to the frame.

    1. Bejayziz

      Seen an article a while back where a guy in New York fixed a device attached to a sim card inside a water bottle on the bike, bike got stolen and he rang the bike sending some karma through the frame

      1. Spud

        Don’t get what happened here?
        Was there some kind of pyrotechnics involved here?
        If not… maybe there should be?

        1. Bejayziz

          He hooked a stun gun up to a cheap phone so when the phone was dialed the stun gun went off sending a few thousand volts through the frame

  6. Caroline

    I have a 7″ single of One Day in Your Life by Michael Jackson that’s the exact colour of those wheels.

  7. bob

    Eeek. I’m a bit late with this, but I saw a bike that looked VERY like that parked in front of Arnotts on Abbey St at lunchtime today.

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