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Further to the temporary injunction that Justice Patrick McCarthy granted to GMC/Sierra on Friday, restraining seven men and two women or anyone with knowledge of the court order, from assaulting, harassing, intimidating,  or otherwise interfering with or obstructing the company’s workers from installing water meters in Dublin city…an ‘advertisement’ on today.

Specialist Security Officers Required for Irish Water protesters Nationwide (

Temporary court injunction granted against water meter protesters (

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39 thoughts on “Paid In Biscuits

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Who are they being protected from? The pro-water charges lobby? Will Phil and Denis be clothed like characters out of an episode of Just William while standing on the road side with placards, catapults, kicking dirt from the side of the road and calling names and running away only coming back again to continue their taunting…. the little tykes, eh…. or is it to protect the marchers from themselves?

  2. selfie Sensation

    We don’t want to be lawfully hindered or prevented from hindering and preventing the lawful installation of water meters!

    1. cormacjones

      I consider myself left wing but I support the property tax and water tax. In any other country supporting those taxes wouldn’t be considered right wing. They’re certainly not regressive.

        1. cormacjones

          I support regulating people’s water usage. At this time were never going to get an equivalent reduction in other taxes to offset the water charges. It’s annoying, but that’s life.

          Do you support the current situation where people can use as much water as they like and there is no incentive to conserve water?

        2. Clampers Outside!

          Can you explain how you are paying for it twice?

          Please, no rambling answers about tax, because we all know that all taxes in this country go into a pool and there is no specific collection for water. But, I await your answer all the same.

  3. Kolmo

    Why are people angry? Why do they protest? Is it the perceived cronyism involved in the privatisation of the water supply? Is it the fact that people are now paying for water 3 times (income tax, buying drinkable water in shops, new water tax)? or the privatisation contract was awarded using the ‘prospective’ vendors figures that were either complete guess-work or not fully costed, which could imply a predestined contractor regardless of the figures?

      1. Kolmo

        Talk to someone in Co’s. Roscommon, Galway or other parts of the country with contaminated water supply, they are paying twice for the water now, when the new tax comes in, it’ll be 3 times…

          1. Derval

            I can’t find the link right now but Irish water rates were abolished in 1977 or so.
            Other taxes (VAT, Income Tax) were increased at the time in order to pay for water.

    1. Outta me Bento Box

      good piece?

      Usual tripe from Kerrigan.

      Water charges (and property tax) should have been there all along like in a normal country. Now that a sensible policy is being followed we get the carping about bondholders.

      If the financial illiterates whining had advocated sensible broad based taxation system instead of Crack Cocaine like Tax that was Stamp Duty the bubble wouldn’t have been as bad.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        “sensible policy” ….right. I’ll pay for a sensible system no problem, but this is not sensible, the whole set up is a joke from the start made by crooks and with crooks, that’s my issue.

        1. Lilly

          But at least Denis O’Brien is happy; his company got the water meter installation contract. And if Denis is happy, Enda is happy. Who cares about the schmucks paying twice for water.

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