Pound For Pound



Dunnes Stores (left) and Hairy Baby Tees (right)


Hairy Baby Tees – who were behind the Nightmare Line-Up, Mr Invincible, Go Ahead Make My Tay T-shirts and Who Said Mass? hoodie, among others, write:

“They’ve done it to us AGAIN. You know who you are large Irish retail chain. Shame on you…”

Hairy Baby Tees

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11 thoughts on “Pound For Pound

    1. Holden MaGroin

      Their point may not even be that the own that phrase, more the striking similarity between their design of said phrase versus the other guys’ version.

      In which case they have a point.

      1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

        So might A&F over the image of the Stag….

        Bit of a stretch I know. But Hairy Baby instead a shite talking themselves up and doing the poor mourh spin would have a better business strategy to bundle a few ideas together and approach the Dunnes Buyers

        1. Sinabhfuil

          Oh, I don’t know; the Hairy Baby designers prefer to run their own business – they have five employees now, according to their website.
          Surely big companies can afford to commission their own original designs?

        2. jaysuswept

          It’s clear that soneone saw their tshirt and decided to copy the idea. It’s no coincidence they are entitled to be annoyed by blatant copying.

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