For Your Consideration: A Day Like Today



The poster and trailer for A Day Like Today by Ger Walsh, who was behind the shorts Is This It? and Bound.

He writes:

“Last year I made my first feature film and, on Friday, we were accepted into IndieCork [Film festival] to premier the film. The film was made for just €450 in 10 days all around Dublin city.

The film centres around a chance meeting between two people, Alice [Andie McCaffrey Byrne] and Joe [Paul Butler Lennox]. Alice is a wife stuck in a toxic relationship and Joe is a seemingly homeless person with a troubled past. They see this chance meeting as an opportunity to just forget about their lives for a day and just live…”

A Day Like Today (Facebook)


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  1. Gerard Walsh

    Sorry about the wording and spelling guys, i wrote it and forgot to look back over it before sending. Thanks so much for the post its really appreciated! And Thank you Gainsbourger.

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