12 thoughts on “Caring

  1. Chris

    The chart is wrong.
    Because “Coundn’t Care Less” is not at the extreme bottom of the chart, it suggests that there is some point below “Couldn’t care less”. Thereby meaning that in fact you do care at least the tiniest bit, so in fact you COULD care less…

    David Mitchell does it best:

    1. Shirleybassey Singsthemovies

      Plus, ‘could care more’ and ‘could care less’ should be on the same point as they are interchangeable.

    2. Tom Stewart

      You’re right. That’s a flaw in the diagram. “Couldn’t care less” should be the absolute lowest point, and “Couldn’t care more” the highest.

  2. Derval

    Say “couldn’t care less” in a deep southern Louisiana drawl.
    The “n’t” is silent.
    That’s my theory of why “could care less” has become prevalent among North Americans.

  3. blah

    Other such ones I’ve noticed are:
    “then / than”
    “should have / should of”

    Americans tend to say “could care less”.

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