Bit Of A Stretch



Michelle Mulherin with Enda Kenny  at this year’s  Fine Gael think-in 

You may be aware of the petrol stretching (sneakily adding kerosene to petrol before selling it) crisis in Mayo.



The Minister will agree that I have described a crisis situation. Confidence must be restored. People are unsure where to buy fuel even though there are reputable dealers. It is not good for business in general. Petrol stations send returns to Revenue every month stating where they source their petrol supplies. What is the Customs and Excise doing about the situation which has been ongoing for a couple of months? If it is a resources problem I ask that it be nailed and resources injected into the service, including the drafting of staff from elsewhere. We cannot ignore the apparent 70% of people who are neither covered by their insurance nor by warranty. I ask what can be done for them. I am aware of people who are unable to afford the several thousand euro to buy a new vehicle and many have been left without the use of a vehicle. The case is similar for new vehicles.
I have attended many public meetings in my area. The main agitators who are throwing oil on the fire are Sinn Féin members but not one Sinn Féin person attended a meeting of 400 people. It begs the question whether Sinn Féin condones the practice. I ask if it could be intrinsically associated with the fact that the IRA has been oft associated with fuel laundering. We know of the very close ties of Sinn Féin with the IRA. I wondered with great interest on the night whether it is condoning what is going on….”

Michelle Mulherin TD speaking in the Dail on September 18.

The Mayo News can confirm that John Sheahan, Chairman of Mayo Sinn Féin, was in fact in attendance at the public meeting in Swinford. Speaking to The Mayo News yesterday (Monday), he said that Ms Mulherin had made no reference to Sinn Féin during that meeting.

Blatant electioneering’ – Sinn Féin hits back at Mulherin (Áine Ryan, Mayo News)


(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

14 thoughts on “Bit Of A Stretch

  1. Mike Baldwin

    Are there 3 different crises being discussed here? What a poorly stated argument…are engines being destroyed by the stretcing, is that it?

    1. TK ickle

      Yes. Utterly banjaxed.

      If you put some stretched fuel in a tin and set it alight, check out the crap left behind when it’s burnt out.

      Clean petrol leaves nothing.

    2. Odis

      Yeah, the engine management light came on my car, after I had refueled. I limped the car home, it cost me €1000 to put right.
      A close friend put in 40 quids worth at a reputable garage, engine management light came on a couple of miles down the road. She was fortunate, the mechanic she knew recognised the problem straight away, He just drained off the tank and put in some clean petrol.

      Its a menace. And you never know when and where you are going to get stuffed by these bastards!

    1. Odis

      Couldn’t care less. It’s a “forni” issue in this neck of the woods. Someone needs to do something about the petrol stretchers. The gards don’t seem keen to stick their noses in.

      1. realPolithicks

        She doesn’t give two fupps about this issue, she was merely trying to tie Sinn Fein to it. It’s blatant electioneering, fine gael are running scared.

        1. Odis

          She has a very good point and it has, no doubt, occured to more than just Michelle and myself.

          Who has
          1) been involved in cutting fuel?
          2) the technology?
          3) the personnell?
          4) the eqipment?
          5) the connections in the fuel industry.

          Who doesn’t give a **** what the gards think?
          And might even be feeding the gards tall tales to leak to the local press.

          Can’t think who that might be can you?

  2. Kolmo

    This has been going on for months – Gardaí say it ain’t there job, Revenue don’t seem to pushed, shuffling the problem around and around, meanwhile many people are getting stung for thousands of Euros for new engines, god help you if you tried to drive around with argricultural diesel in your car, Revenue would be on you like treacle (rightly so)…

    Fine Gael trying to implicate Sinn Fein in something shocker!!!!

    1. bisted

      …naw…what they are really afraid of is having to form a coalition with FF…which they would have had to have done this time if Labour hadn’t decided to go for the pensions instead.

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