22 thoughts on “Won’t Be A Minute

        1. Sidewinder

          It means cars can then drive in them, not park in them. The only reason people don’t get clamped parking in them after the bus hours stop is because that’s when the clampers stop as well

        1. Tom Stewart

          Look at the shading on the part of the road that says “Bus”. It’s a wine colour. This extends ahead of the Merc until the photo is cut off (it’s a bus lane).

          Also note the complete lack of bus stop pole, bus shelter, etc., etc. (it’s a bus lane)

  1. Tom Stewart

    Why is it always Beemers/Mercs?

    I acknowledge that I’m more likely to notice “f*** you world” parking when it’s a Beemer/Merc, but this cannot account for all of it. Others agree that this happens more often when it’s one of these cars?

    1. Lilly

      Maybe because the majority of guys who drive beemers are grade A dickheads who think the rules don’t apply to them. As for the merc drivers, could it be that they’re old and half blind?

  2. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    Those fancy coffee bag planters were there last Saturday Week.

    I must admit to been stunned that its taken 10 days from when I spotted thrm for them to be presented here.

    What’s up lads?

    1. WOD

      It’s f@cking BEING – not BEEN, seriously, the next time I see BEEN or SEEN or YOUR or THERE incorrectly used on here I’ll been needin’ to seen there bleedin’ shrink

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