10 thoughts on “The Dead Fish Of Kilcoole

  1. Barry the Hatchet

    This was on the Six One the other night. Apparently they were chased into shallow water by hungry Mackerel and just became stranded.

  2. Paul

    I saw something very similar on Long Strand in West Cork a few weeks back. They seemed to be baby mackerel and we put it down to the fact that there are tons of big mackerel shoals around at the moment and they probably beached themselves while trying to avoid being eaten by bigger fish!

    1. Panty Christ

      They call sea fishing “knacker fishing” in Dublin. Mackerlill in season off south wall from late August until October. I’ll grab my rod and see you down there tonight.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Didn’t know that, feckin’ townies. Everyone I knew growing up went pier and beach fishing for the mackerel season highs in Sept/Oct in Galway. Loved it, many fond memories beach casting in Salthill.

    2. Kieran NYC


      They usually first show up around the August bank holiday weekend. Many a fond summer night fishing in Youghal for the next day’s lunch :)

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