Street Lights Big Dreams All Looking Pretty



Last Night In New York.

A party at the Irish Consulate for young Irish living and working in New York City hosted by the Consul Barbara Jones and attended by Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Top: Enda chats with Susan O’Brien of Smigin plus (Left to right): Oran Bambrick (Fantam); Brian Purcell (Global Shares); Breiffni O’Domhnaill (Propylon) and Joe Shinkwin (Enterprise Ireland).

They then trashed the place.

(James Higgins/Photocall Ireland)

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3 thoughts on “Street Lights Big Dreams All Looking Pretty

    1. Robyn

      Thanks, I had to read back wondering what you were going on about a bodice sewing teashop for. Autocorrect is a cruel mistress.

      1. Ultach

        She is that, but to be fayre she wasn’t to blaim. Just me own lediberate wrongheadedness. De teashop, Hinda Kinni. Fairplay to Susan O’Brien of Smigin, though. She is looking remarkable calm as the thick fingers of a Mayo school teacher wield a needle and thread in her lady chest area. Or is she hypnotised? Luck hin de oyes. Not harrownd de oyes. Luck hin de oyes. Hyour hundher.

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