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The Tesco Community Fund box in Tesco, Thomas Street, Dublin

B writes:

“Looks like Tesco on Thomas St is going to donate €500 to UCKG, the money laundering, tax evading neo-Pentecostal sect (there’s another word for it…) implicated in Victoria Climbié’s death in London. There’s a good cause…”


Tesco Community Fund

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

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30 thoughts on “Every Little Helps

  1. Lefty Doherty

    Well, now — read the sign carefully. It’s only a PORTION of the €500 going to the child-murderers.

      1. Caroline

        Seriously, we are having a whip-round and getting you a sarcasm detector. You are positively dangerous without one.

      2. Lefty Doherty

        “It has been subject to bans in several African counties, and was implicated in the murder in Britain of Victoria Climbié, prayed for rather than protected and treated.”

        Victoria Climbié was an 8 year old child. There was a massive investigation in the UK, and the church was implicated in her murder. Which part of this is a rumour?

        1. rotide

          This is so typical of the agenda bullshit on here.

          “Victoria was seen by dozens of social workers, nurses, doctors and police officers before she died, and by a pastor of the UCKG, but all failed to spot or stop the abuse.”

          So are they all child murderers? The state failed that girl far worse than the church did.

          Tax evaders? Apparently so.
          Religious loo lahs? Quite probably
          Child murderers? No. Go back to hammering the catholic chuch, at least you will have facts on your side then.

          1. lefty doherty

            Look, you can disagree with the results of the investigation that was carried out in the UK. That’s absolutely your right. But there was an investigation, and the UCKG was implicated in her murder.

            So until the Rotide Commission is recognised by international law, I think I’m entitled to say the UCKG was implicated in her murder.

          2. rotide

            You can say they were implicated all you want, but thats not what you said here was it.

            “Well, now — read the sign carefully. It’s only a PORTION of the €500 going to the child-murderers.”

          3. lefty doherty

            Fair enough. I was being a bit over the top with my statement. I thought that came across.

            If I could edit my comment, I would. “It’s only a PORTION of the €500 going to those implicated-in-the-murder-of-a-child!”

          4. rotide

            If it makes you feel any better about 60 million people pay taxes to the other people implicated-in-the-murder-of-a-child every day.

  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    I recommend that they don’t use the UCKG name, they should use the full name. That should be enough to put off more people from selecting them.

    1. b

      I assume the UCKG folks have just been telling their congregants to do it. Not too many people actually participate in this little token distribution game, so even if you have a small number of dedicated people who do it every time I think you’d rank well against the apathy of your typical tesco shopper (e.g. me).

  3. Nicolas Roche

    But it’s not Tesco’s decision where the money goes, it’s that of the customers who can choose which slot to put their token in.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      They must have decided on the three charities.
      Illegal activities aside, the charities selected should not be religious ones in my view.

  4. rotide

    Going by that link, I’d hardly say they were ‘implicated’ in her murder.

    It reads like there was an idiot pastor who didn’t take action when he could have. However, there were a LOT of people that didn’t take action when they could have in that case.

    1. Lefty Doherty

      I’m not sure how much clearer it could be: ‘It has been subject to bans in several African counties, and was implicated in the murder in Britain of Victoria Climbié, prayed for rather than protected and treated.’

      My friend Rotide — what do you think that text is suggesting, if not that the church was implicated in the 8 year old child’s murder?

      1. rotide

        The key here is the use of the word ‘implicated’

        Above , you used the word to suggest that ‘implicated’ equated with ‘found guilty of’ rather than ‘involved in the events’.

        Two very different things altogether my friend.

        1. lefty doherty

          ‘I’d hardly say they were ‘implicated’ in her murder.’

          I say they were. It’s your right to disagree with me, but unfortunately the extensive legal investigation that occurred sides with me.

  5. Rob

    The Robert Emmett Project is far more deserving. They do great work with local kids who might otherwise have little or no structure in their lives. If you were able to spare an hour one day per week from 3.15 to help kids with their homework, you should contact them.

  6. Eulich McGee

    There are many reasons to dislike UCKG however you are being a bit sensationalist by basically calling them child murderers, they were implicated but not guilty of any crime in this instance.

    Anyhow instead of getting your knickers in a twist on the tinternet, why not just take direct action and superglue your token over the slot next time you are in. Make a stand, People love whinging but never actually do anything, be different.

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