5 thoughts on “Give It Up, Thicke

  1. Selfie Sensation

    After merrily lapping up the plaudits all last summer Thicke has apparently denied he wrote the song saying he just happened to be in the room nodding along at the time and it was all down Pharell wot did it.

    If he wasn’t pathetic enough already he is now.

    1. Anorak Type Blogger

      In fairness, the production model is usually “hey superstar producer, make me a beat and I’ll sing/rap to it”.
      I’d believe him, in that he probably had no input into the beat and probably had no clue that the other song existed.

      The beat here has Pharell written all over it.

      That said, his name is on it and its his look out if he rips on someone elses IP.
      Just another reason why the scumbag should be rendered.

      1. Selfie Sensation

        He probably didn’t have anything to do with it but that is kinda my point. Last year when it was winning VMAs (ewww) it was his song, now that it is attracting lawsuits its Pharell’s song. Like I said, pathetic.

  2. BroadsideSkid

    I Love Marvin Gaye, but I don’t think his kids are right on this one. The similarity (IMHO) of the melody is not close enough. The beat is *very* similar, but that’s all. It’ll be interesting to hear what the judge will say ….

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