12 thoughts on “There Are Of Course Exceptions

    1. scottser

      if it’s state owned, you can be guaranteed that van and it’s driver are contracted under some ‘public-private partnership’ arrangement.

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      All we need now is a picture now of the clamper crying as he receives his/her first bill for water.

      What a wonderful diptych those two images would make.

  1. Bacchus

    there were about 5 of them clamped on my road a few weeks back. All had the driven the wrong way up a one street and didn’t bother with parking tickets while they worked around the corner. Some private cars used by the staff too. A lot of loud indignant grumbling went on… from the GMC Sierra staff this time.

  2. Paolo

    We need to pay for collecting, processing and delivering water. That’s a fact. It’s just like the ars**les who protested about bin charges.

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