In Lieu Of Work

Office Bathroom Etiquette Infographic


Andrew Lafford writes:

“I wanted to share with you guys first the latest [Dublin-based brand developer] infographic “The Ultimate Guide to Office Bathroom Etiquette”. We think your readers may like it…”

Bathroom Etiquette (Tinderpoint)

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5 thoughts on “In Lieu Of Work

  1. epson aculaser c100

    Thanks a mill Andy, just tweeted this to Dave in Accounts, lol.. we tend to give him a good old ribbing
    when we catch him heading to the bathroom with a newspaper tucked under his arm.

    Got a good chuckle from it myself. xx

    Since our inception over a decade ago…… “

  2. chimpy

    I think this company need a graphic designer that knows what they’re doing. This could have been so much better if it looked the part.

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