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This afternoon.

Brittas Bay, Co Wicklow.

Niall writes:

I counted 35 women and children queuing to use one toilet. There’s another one for the men and typical of Ireland nothing works and it’s vile.

There’s a cover charge of €4 to enter the car park. Seriously, how hard can it be for Wicklow County Council to spend a some money on its beaches? I know the usual wags will say we don’t get prolonged good weather to justify it, but seriously this is basic sanitation and hygiene. We’re not all animals that piss in the Dunes.


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Ballsbridge, Dublin this afternoon.

Soon there will be nowhere left to go.

Mark writes:

“The closed “public convenience” at the junction of Anglesea Road and Merrion Road, across the road from the RDS. One of 70 public toilets, many having been built over a 100 years ago, that once operated in Dublin, stretching from Harolds Cross to Howth, including areas like Mountjoy Square, Glasnevin, Sandymount, Terenure, Dolphin’s Barn and Infirmary Road. These relics of a different time have a long history, their journey from use to disuse reflects how Irish society has evolved over the past 100 years. In the Ireland of the late 19th century not every home had an indoor loo – or even a toilet at all. This location was put up for auction by Dublin City Council last year but is now being demolished….”

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)