18 thoughts on “Jackeeen

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    A Jackeen is a west Brit from Dublin, coined by country folk after the citizens of the capital turned out in their 1000s waving small Union jacks (jackeens) at the visit of Queen Victoria. Put that in your coffee this morning!

    1. Same Old Guy

      Damn sure. Know what side your bread is buttered on. It would have been Union Jackeens only culchies couldn’t pronounce U’s apparently!

      1. Mani

        The hated British gave Irish school children books with all of the ‘u’ s removed from them in an attempt to make us sound ridiculous. This was before they conquered Kerry and realised how much effort they’d wasted.

    1. Too big for my boots

      I always get it wrong so I could be mistaken but…I don’t think there’s any irony there.

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