25 thoughts on “You Poked My Heart

    1. John Cassidy

      Get over yourself. Do you want your child to develop no life skills whatsoever? Kids have to learn how to deal with conflict too you know. The world isn’t all bubbles and cotton wool.

      1. Bejayziz

        The teacher should have explained to the children what rain is and what sprinkling is and talked them through, instead she sat there and recorded it, reinforcing there behavior and making it seem acceptable, he/she should have made it known that its not acceptable to poke your class mate in the face or chest….its nothing to do with molly coddling, i’m all for letting kids be kids but they still need things explained to them and need to be told when something is wrong

        1. Buzz

          I don’t think the people who work in creches are teachers. The adult here was most likely a young woman, early 20s, who thought this interaction was cute.

      2. noncanonicalpokemon

        The actual interaction between the kids is fine; it’s the fact that their carer is filming them and posting that video online that is a little troubling.

  1. Medium Sized C

    Erm, did he just say “No you pwetty, and your not weaw, I’m weaw.”

    Christ this is like the internet.

    1. Mick Flavin

      I think he says “You’re pretty…I’m real”.
      It’s an interesting take on aesthetics and existentialism…

  2. H

    I can’t believe that an adult stood there and filmed that without stepping in to explain to the child that ‘sprinkling’ is a type of raining, or that the girl was not reprimanded for poking the boy in the face – none of it was cute or funny unless people enjoy laughing at children’s mispronunciations

  3. Custo

    I am outraged that the children haven’t been severely repremaneded, taken away from their parents, and the creche closed down.

    1. Kieran NYC

      I’m impressed by Bouncer Baby at the back holding the two girls and making sure things don’t get rowdy.

      Also – the non-evil twin seems pretty nice.

  4. Sinabhfuil

    Already this kid has learned the technique of producing a straw man argument when he’s losing, and turning the person whose argument he knows is right into the villain!

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